Morning suit tuxedos
In two elegant styles

Morning Suit Tuxedo
Cutaway (left), Stroller (right)
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Morning Suit Tuxedo (Black)
Cutaway (left), Stroller (right)
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The Cutaway (shown on left in both pictures)
a long coat, traditionally worn with a Wing collar tuxedo shirt and grey and black stripe "ascot" tie

The Stroller
(shown on right in both pictures)
standard length and worn with a grey and black stripe "four in hand" (long) tie, and a Laydown collar shirt

Jackets are available in either black or grey

Both models feature

  • The Cutaway or Stroller jacket
  • a black on grey morning stripe adjustable-waist pleated trouser
  • a pearl grey vest
  • and ascot/tie

Pants are normally sized six inches below the jacket size.

If you wear a 40R jacket, we would send you an adjustable waist 33-34-35 pair of pants; if you wore a size 46L jacket, we would send you a waist 39-40-41L pair of pants.

If your pants need to be a little smaller or larger than that, just indicate your prefered size at the "special instructions" section at the end of the order form, and we'll send you the size that fits you best.

Find Wing Collar or Laydown Collar tuxedo shirts here.

Pricing for Morning Suit Tuxedos
Cutaway coat with tails (sizes 36-46)
Cutaway coat with tails (sizes 48+)
Stroller short coat (sizes 36-46)
Stroller short coat (sizes 48+)
Striped trousers (up to waist 42)
Striped trousers (waist 44 +)
Backless vest

Select Cutaway (tails) or Stroller (short);
select black or gray.


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