Polyester / wool

Double Breasted Peak


The poly/wool tuxedo from is equivalent in style to our 100% Wool Single Breasted Notch or Double Breasted Peak tuxedos, except that it is made from our wrinkle resistant poly/wool blend in place of all wool.

Traditional Double Breasted Peak: This is the stylish, classic, "can't go wrong tuxedo" that has always been and will always be in vogue.

Single Breasted Notch: Because single breasted tuxedos are often worn open, it is recommended that one accessorize their tuxedo with either a cummerbund or a vest. They can be worn with either a regular tuxedo shirt (either Wing collar or Laydown collar) with a bow tie to match the cummerbund or vest, or with a mandarin front tuxedo shirt with a button cover in place of the tie.

Pants are normally sized six inches below the jacket size.

If you wear a 40R jacket, we would send you an adjustable waist 33-34-35 pair of pants; if you wore a size 46L jacket, we would send you a waist 39-40-41L pair of pants.

If your pants need to be a little smaller or larger than that, just indicate your prefered size at the "special instructions" section at the end of the order form, and we'll send you the size that fits you best.

Find Wing Collar or Laydown Collar tuxedo shirts here.

Single Breasted Notch
Pricing for the Poly/Wool Tux
Men's Poly/Wool Tux (sizes 36-46)
Men's Poly/Wool Tux (sizes 48-50)
Men's Poly/Wool Tux (sizes 52-54)
Men's Poly/Wool Tux (size 56)
Select style:
single or double breasted
Select length:
short, medium or long


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